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We offer advertising in our newsletter. Note since this site and product are new we really have no idea how many impressions (views), clicks, or traffic you will get. This is one reason why the advertising rates are low. As we begin to learn more about our traffic patterns we will of course update the information and the prices will increase and the length of the advertising offer will decrease.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us.

Ads that do well would include those that would help save people money and include some type of coupon / free offer.

We DO NOT accept advertising for sites that aren't family friendly (including links from your site), or discriminate against anyone for any reason. There is no guarantee written or implied about the amount of traffic or sales that you will get from advertising.

(This will be a purchase for Tisa Enterprises)
After your purchase we will contact you for your ad content and images.

Advertising within our newsletter Out of Gas.

We send out our newsletter at odd times.
Every week there is an issue sent out on Saturday.
During the week we send updates as things happen (Oil hits a new high, an event occurs that may change the gas prices), if nothing happens then there will be only one issue during the week. Your ad will be at the top of the page and at the bottom of the page and there is only one ad in each issue.

Your advertisement can have up to 50 words of text.
Cost - $50.00
Length of advertising - 1 month


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